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Yo sup, my name is KJ known on youtube as cHuMp3s. Im not sure if i can consider my self a founding member of .::Eclipsion Studios::. but im one of the first couple of people. I like to make AMVs alot, i used to make naruto chats but i stopped at my 5th one. I'm trying to make AMVs with rap music, some of them i try to make funny and just mess around but most go with the song. I like to help people as long as they dont ask for too much... lol. I like to mess around alot and I play ALOT of games for a bunch of different systems. I also play alot of sports but I don't think that matters in my bio. Well yah I think thats it so bye.


.::AMVs currently in Progress::.

*No AMVs currently in Progress*

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